Which Celebrity Hair Style Would You Like to Try Out?

Ever since the dawn of time and the first appearance of what we today call public figures, famous people were the ones to set the trends and represent that what others would strive for. In the old times normal people could only dream of having and doing everything that the aristocracy, the famous people of the day, can do, but today we have the option of actually importing some of the trends of the rich and famous into our own lives even if we aren’t a part of the celebrity portion of the population.

This is especially the case with clothing and hair styles. I for one am feeling very lucky that the celebrities of today aren’t wearing silly wigs and also that the males aren’t wearing makeup (well, some of them are, but luckily not a majority), and even though there are some examples of celebrity fashion and hair that I would definitely much rather see in a movie than in a mirror, I have to say that the general trends of today are diverse enough and interesting enough to get me to try some of them on myself, as well as be supportive of my girlfriend’s intent to try some of the female ones on her beautiful hair. The glow of luxurious shine is quite obvious in some of these styles but there is one celebrity in particular whose hair style I am especially interested in, given that my hair line is showing a slight tendency towards receding.

The guy in question is a real heartbreaker and a favorite of probably millions of women all over the world, regardless of the fact that his forehead is (slowly, but steadily) getting bigger over time, and this is what is giving poor old me some hope that I might still be able to remain at least somewhat attractive when the same happens to me. In his most recent role as Dr. Watson he has excelled and with Jude Law we know that there is always more where that brilliant acting came from. Mr. Law has been known to wear many different hair styles but his short, curly and mostly upwards facing hair is a perfect match for his smiling face.

Even though he might sometimes look like he has just recently been unplugged from a wall socket, he wears that style like a boss, much better than for instance the new wave vampire Robert Pattinson who sometimes sports the same style. When it comes to female haircuts and styles, nothing is sacred these days – various lengths, colors and shapes are seen on many different celebrities although a girl should definitely take care when selecting a style for herself so that she picks the one that is best suited for the tone of her skin and the shape of her face. Brilliant examples of such practice are seen on the sexy little witch Ms. Emma Watson who looks marvelous both with short hair and long.

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