Beautiful Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair Down

Simple Chic Cut
Considered one of the simple prom hairstyles for long hair down, this one is worn by the late actress Brittany Murphy. It provides a straightforward impression, with the hair folded in front to one side and then divided by small hair. It can be curved and should freely fall down. A simple, chic cut hairstyle is ideal when paired with a strapless dress. It is very simple, but able to provide a fantastic look. Of course, you are free to use various hair accessories to complement your look.

Model Chignon
Model chignon is a bun, Latin style that has become a fad. Imagine Salma Hayek or Penelope Cruz with flowers on the bun. Another option is to wear a hair accessory that has pearls for a more feminine look. If you want a simpler style, you can just braid both sides of your hair, so you would still look stylish even without the use of additional hair accessories. You do not have to put a hair extension, because your crowning glory is long enough to make you want to try on different styles.

Fashionable Hairstyle with Wavy Locks
This type shows a curly, fashionable hair that’s finely coiled. With the use of a styling gel and rollers, you can achieve a sophisticated look. You can also add few accessories that are suitable for your hairstyle.

Long Boho Wave
Long boho waves are commonly used prom hairstyles for long hair down. Apart from showing unfussiness, they can be done easily and comfortably. To achieve this hairstyle, the hair is somewhat off center, and a no-fringe boho wave will bring about a distinctive look. This kind of hairstyle was worn by Ashlee Simpson.


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