39 Bob Hairstyles For 2019

The female part of the population has always been focused on their beauty rather than their physical fitness which men needed more because they had to fight wars. This lead the fairer sex to develop their beauty and a whole culture of beauty was born and started to develop. Over the ages there have been many different variations of the meaning of the term beautiful, and it has constantly, mostly ever so lightly but sometimes also quite abruptly, changed what it stood for.

But for a long time in history women of what we can now call the western civilization have always worn their hair long and tended to it with great care and affection. Women who wore their hair short were often considered not respectable and any real lady was expected to have long and beautiful hair. However, at the beginning of the XX century, a sudden change occurred in society’s understanding and treatment of short haired women, and it was due to another blunder of men, war. It was World War I that saw the introduction of short haired trends for women who used to be engaged in war work.

A famous trendsetter of the early twentieth century, the ballroom dancing diva Irene Castle is credited as introducing the bob cut to the American public in 1915 and in the following few years this particular haircut has gotten amazing popularity and spread out like a wild fire throughout the continent. This was actually the rebirth of the bob cut since we all know about this haircut first from the ancient eastern beauty, Cleopatra. Another boost of the popularity of the bob cut happened later on in the early sixties when the famous movie about the Egyptian queen appeared starring the legendary couple Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

The sixties era and the revival of the bob cut which happened at that time coincided with the male hairstyle known as the “mop top” which was sported by the Beatles. Many famous starlets of the time wore this fantastic look and it had developed into several slightly different variations. A more recent craze with the bob cut was launched in 1994 by none other than Quentin Tarantino, when he created an iconic character of Ms Mia Wallace in the movie Pulp Fiction. She was played by the beautiful Uma Thurman who instantly became a household name and became crazy popular around the world even though a huge portion of the movie going audiences didn’t even know that she was actually a blonde with a bob cut wig.

The bob has once more confirmed its timelessness when it found its way to the head of another posh diva, Posh Spice herself, the sexy Victoria Beckham as well as the even more famous (if that is at all possible) the amazingly beautiful queen of R&B and hip-hop, Rihanna. This is a haircut which will never fail you if you want to look seductive and it is very easy to take care of and be made to look beautiful.


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